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In this millennium globally the business environment has become paperless. This global environment is also affecting the developing countries of Asia and Africa. Today almost all communications are done electronically, be it letter writing in the office or order booking at sale’s counter. Thus services and performance quality has increased substantially. Quality conscious companies are spending billions to improve their services quality resulting in superior market competence. The concept has changed from improving efficiencies to improving effectiveness. Even in developing countries there is a paradigm shift from paper to electronic communication and it is gaining momentum with time.

In this scenario we are pleased to introduce COMeT. This is an online / offline order booking Application that is going to make life easy and business effective for all distributors across the country. The Application has been specifically developed for distributors across the globe with an offer of customized services.



COMeT gives you digitalized optimaization of supply chain at distribution level and gives freedom to operate with any device whether it's Windows, Mac OS, Android or iOS.


High speed order booking and order processing. Live monitoring of performance of DSF (Distributer Sales Force) any time to enhance the efficiency of sales


COMeT easily integrates with your current SND (Sales and distribution) or any kind of Database. Elimination of order key punching due to electronic order booking.


COMeT offers effective focus on products through updating of orders and gives you instant information access at different levels of management from anywhere in the world.




COMeT is designed to replace pens and papers, and any other manual method for placing orders. COMeT facilitates receiving of orders by Sales Representative / Order Booker onto smartphone application. The orders can be sent to the distributors all the time, any time. COMeT is easy to use, gives Sales Representative / Order Booker a whole new exprience of taking and managing order.



COMeT gives a new experience for distributor to view their distribution sales real time. Distributor can view real time, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales of all products or of each product, Distributor can monitor the sales of each order booker to enhance the sales.

About Us

COMeT is a product of PharmaGuide Publishing Company. The Company has completed its three decades of successful services operation in Asia. It is well known for its publications to cater the needs of pharmaceutical and healthcare profession. PharmaGuide has an envious history of unprecedented leadership success. All our products and services are targeted to objectively disseminate information and knowledge for better human care.

With COMeT we are entering into consumer area. The experience and expertise that we have developed in the sophisticated pharmaceutical environment will now be applied for consumers as well. This is a vast market and the Application can benefit the end users (i. e. distributors) immensely. This will make their operation easy, well controlled and well managed.

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